Below are the answers to some of the questions our customers ask. If there is another topic you would like discussed, please send the question to Year One's webmaster.

Last Updated: 3/2/2005

Is this website Secure?

Simply put, Yes! We take site security seriously here at Year One. One of the most important techniques used on this website includes server side enforcement policies. What this means to our customers is that if a request comes from a customer's browser for a page that requires a secure connection and that request is not secure, the server will return an error message to the customer and prevent the customers information from being transmitted.

Why doesn't the browser security icon display during checkout?

When framesets are used to construct a html page, all frames of the frameset must be secure in order for the browser security icon to display. We are currently using server-side security measures only on the individual frameset elements that require security to protect critical data. Therefore, the browser security icon does not presently display. The absence of the security icon does not mean that our checkout process is not secure! We take security seriously here at Year One.

Still not convinced about our site security?

If you want to see the browser security icon displayed in your browser window during checkout, you can get it to be displayed. After you have logged into our site, you can complete checkout on our website without the frameset. Simply right click on the "View Cart" link in the page header area, then select "Open in New Window." When you proceed to checkout, the secure icon will be displayed.